Neoleap is the first structured private accelerator in East India that would provide emerging entrepreneurs and start ups a supportive ecosystem to nurture and thrive. Neoleap aims at enabling start ups to transform their ideas into sustainable ventures.

Entrepreneurship has gained immense currency in the recent few years which are evident from the fact that many institutions have included entrepreneurship in their respective curriculum as well as opened E cells as a mark of support and encouragement to the growing interest of the students to become entrepreneurs. Today’s youth dreams of being employers rather than bask under the glory of a corporate sector organisation as employees who have to execute their assignment with limited power and freedom. Fostering entrepreneurship is therefore the greatest service to the nation.

Neoleap would identify the talented individuals who have the power to change the face of the nation through their entrepreneurial zeal and determination to combat challenges and act as a catalyst to usher in the entrepreneurial revolution.

NeoLeap would provide to the start ups the following services: Shared Services, Mentoring, Business connects, access to world class speakers and access to investors.