Indranil Sarkar

Indranil has been working in the IT Sector for over 26 years now. Currently, he is Principal Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services. He has high exposure to technology and over the past few years has been closely associated with Startup Ecosystems, both in India as well as worldwide. He is an alumnus of National Institute of Technology, having earned his degree in Computer Science and Engg in 1990 from the Institute.

He lives in Kolkata and has been active in the local Innovation and Startup ecosystem. He regularly interacts with Startups and mentors quite a few of them on a sustained basis.

Aside from all this, Indranil is currently on the steering committee of the Startup Warehouse run by NASSCOM in Kolkata as part of its 10,000 Startup Program. Indranil is also part of the Core Committee of the Innovation Task Force Sub-Committee at the Eastern India Chapter of CII. He is similarly a core committee member of the ICTE Sub Committee of the CII Eastern India Chapter.